About the vision

A vision for greater profits, less effort

Our vision? Transform how professional operators manage their properties to generate more revenue with less effort. In just a few years, we've accomplished our mission to make it simple, make it fast, and make it easier to make money. Direct® is a robust, modular enterprise property and reservations management system for running STR operations, distribution, guest engagement and accounting.

Accomplishing our mission

Limitless growth with tech that scales

At Direct, we believe transforming lodging technology is what the industry deserves. It's overdue for a more fluid way to manage portfolios of any size and scale.


marketplace integration partners for enhanced performance


average hours saved with payments & refunds


configurable settings on fees, taxes & deductions


fluid experience for every user, desktop and mobile

Ready to operate a growing business, with less effort

Create your account in minutes as the first step in taking your business to the next level. You'll get a risk-free, 14-day trial. Get in touch with our sales team to request a demo.

Straightforward pricing

Choose between variable or fixed fees for licensing, and don't worry about any hidden fees.

Looking for enterprise

If you manage 1k+ units, transact high booking volume, or have a unique business model, let's chat.