Mission & Vision

Purpose-built lodging technology

The short-term rental industry is special: ambitious property managers, savvy real estate investors, and vacation property owners alike earn high ROIs via real estate that is diverse and purpose-built; experience-driven guests get more bang for their buck making themselves at home, making lifelong memories. It's a truly unique asset class that has tremendous growth potential.

As STR property managers ourselves, we were held back by archaic and disjointed software that didn't scale, ultimately preventing us from reaching our full potential. We founded Direct to help professionals like us better manage their assets, maximizing ARPU and improving guest satisfaction, with less effort. Our Mission is critical, and our Vision is forward-thinking. Read more below, and let's go!

Our Mission

To provide future-proof lodging infrastructure for the internet.

We're a technology company, and we strive to provide a web-based ERP software platform for all types of short-term rental operators that is sleek, fast, reliable, and scalable. In our industry, we're at the forefront of the new product lifecycle.

In order to achieve this, we continue to invest not only in our technology and processes, but especially in our people. Innovation is, and will always be, the cornerstone of everything we do.

Our Vision

To be a proponent of industry standardization, consolidation, and convergence between verticals.

We firmly believe the short-term rental segment of the hotel & lodging industry is still in the early stages of its relentless shift towards standardization and consolidation akin to hotels in preceding decades. We're also bearing witness to distinct verticals in the space gradually converging.

As the industry evolves, we believe operators across the globe will increasingly seek to standardize experiences, consolidate supply, and diversify their portfolios to include an array of different unit types. Accordingly, we've continued to invest in our platform's user experience, scalability, and support for more than just vacation rentals. We are a proponent of, and contributor to, the market forces driving the future of the industry.


average annual soft costs saved per customer.


average number of units managed per customer.


average annual growth rate per customer.


average annual hours saved per customer.

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