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Preferred short-term rental pricing platform

With Direct’s integration of Art, Rented’s Automated Rate Tool, vacation rental managers are provided with market-driven pricing recommendations along with a simple interface to make adjustments based on their expert insights. Rates are then synced directly to reservation software and marketing channels. 

Rented + Direct Software

Technology and tools to optimize your portfolio of properties

Revenue Management Tool and Service Partner

Because “set it and forget it” doesn’t work for vacation rentals

Rented designed Art for industry pros who understand the truth: there’s just no such thing as “set it and forget it” dynamic pricing software for vacation rentals.

Your portfolio isn’t full of cookie-cutter hotel rooms—it’s made up of unique properties that require local insight and special attention. No piece of software will replace your expertise, but Art helps your team:

  • Pricing models based on carefully curated datasets that are actually relevant to your market.
  • Don’t have an in-house expert to handle pricing? Rented offers full-service revenue managers to help.
  • Month-Month Contracts, No Long Term Commitment.

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