Accept and remit payments with ease

No matter how many additional units get added to the portfolio, property management companies have full control over transacting best practices. Remit payments to vendors, landlords and property owners with a fully integrated booking engine for processing reservation charges, refunds and automated booking deposits.

Charges & refunds
Streamline charges & refunds

Process & refund charges without ever leaving the application.

Payment remit
Payout owners & vendors

Remit payments to owners & vendors, tied to their statements.

Control routing
Control where funds go

Route incoming funds to one or more bank accounts based on unit.

Encrypted data
Operate with peace of mind

All sensitive customer and client data is tokenized & encrypted.

Stripe payment processing
GDPR.EU compliance practices
PCI DSS Compliant
Cohesive credit card processing

Coordinate payments & payouts with full control

With Direct's booking engine and payments system, the financial team can automate the payment process for completing charges on reservations and handling payouts. With our seamless integration with Stripe, you can accept bookings on your terms, manage incoming funds and process and refund charges all in one place.

Get more done from one dashboard

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Automated payment tracking for on-the-ball operators

How can property managers securely consolidate booking payments from multiple sources? Transact all reservation charges, refunds & automated booking deposits through a single user-friendly system.

Fully-integrated credit card processing with Stripe as a Direct Integration Partner helps property managers maintain an organized account of contract lease agreements, monthly fees, and rent payment collections.

Ready for secure processing of payments and payouts?

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