Balance the books with automated ledger transactions

Need a streamlined and precise flow of funds? With Direct, property management accounting efforts are automated to remit payments to property owners, housekeepers and maintenance vendors, while maintaining statement records.

Chart of Accounts part of Direct software platform
Accounting configurations
Configure your accounting

Customize post date triggers & ledger account debits & credits.

Automate double-entry

Each transaction entered as a debit in one account & credit in another.

Standard operating procedures
Follow your SOPs

Handle dollars in & out from end-to-end, and close out each month.

Balanced view for chart of accounts
Balance your chart of accounts

Track transactions, generate reports, and balance your accounts.

PCI compliant
Stripe payment processing
Cloud-based accounting

Trust accounting modernized

Spend more time generating bookings and providing great service by switching to the Direct ecosystem to manage and streamline trust accounting and operations. Use charts in the Direct Dashboard to keep track of outstanding balances and create ledger accounts and journal entries, guest folios and transactions, and set post date triggers. Save time no matter the portfolio size with one system designed specifically for short-term rental property management.

Rental property accounting software for handling the heavy lifting


APIs connected across the directly integrated channels.


OTA-affiliated websites units are distributed to.


in total booking volume processed in 2019.


Travelers reached globally across the connected channels.

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